A Look at My Place

Some folks have been clamoring for a glimpse of my living conditions here in Doha. Not sure why, exactly, but I thought I'd deliver anyway -- if only to appeal to potential house guests. Come one, come all, anytime after the holidays (I'm heading back to the States for Xmas and New Year's), when Doha is 80 degrees and sunny almost every day, and cool in the evenings.

The living room often looks like this, empty yet welcoming.

This is the ground floor pool, which has a small connected patio. Many an evening you will find me going back and forth from corner to corner lengthwise because it's too short to do laps the normal way. Still it's a cozy little nook, yeah?

And the rooftop pool, nicely tucked away from the world and the perfect spot to while away an afternoon and evening.

The view is not bad either. And when you're surrounded by desert, the sunsets are perfect every night.

Afterwards, the place to go is the Sky View bar at La Cigale, one of the best nightlife spots in the city. Fortunately it's right down the street.

Hope all are well this fine Sunday.

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